• Director, Editor
  • 2014-2016

I worked with the team from Patagonia and Delicate Productions to create video assets for their apparel line-up.  These videos were shot on site at the internal reveal event and later used to introduce the upcoming Patagonia products to vendors.  


  • Animator

Together with Jennifer Utz, we created a 36 screen time synced, animated takeover of Time Square to celebrate the announcement of their public offering.  Screen resolutions were varied across the Square and the animations had be synchronous to create the desired effect.  Created in After Effects. 

Moto Guzzi

  • Director, Cinematographer, Editor

Working with Alex Faranz of Piaggio in Newport Beach, we created this modern “dubstep” take on a classic Moto Guzzi café racer.  I built custom fluorescent lights that were used as practicals in camera and provided color balanced illumination for the shiny bits on the bike.  I used various cameras and lensing to create in-camera effects.  


  • Director, Photographer, Cinematographer, Editor

In 2016 Oregon legalized cannabis for recreational use.  My team at Blue Brownie Creative saw an opportunity to support that emerging community with professional and collaborative media production.  Toward the end of 2016, we were approached to create a marketing video that would motivate additional venture capital investment for Odin LLC.  This video was the showcase of their complete production process from clone to marketable oil products.  

*Due to content restrictions I am unable to embed the video on my site.


  • Director, Producer
  • 2009-2011

Working together with the product team at Tamrac, we created educational and promotional videos for their line of camera bags and accessories.  In 2011 we started a series of professional user videos entitled, “Photographer Vignettes” that showcased the usability of the Tamrac products.  We had the opportunity to shoot in remote locations and create content that connected with the customer.