• Lighting/ART Net/DMX/Touch/node-red: Jimmy Hagan
  • Sound Design: Willis Baldwin
  • Video/VFX/IR Blob Tracking/IoT: Derek Nickell
  • Baby Design:



  • Lighting Design: Jimmy Hagan
  • Sound Design: Willis Baldwin
  • Video/IoT Design: Derek Nickell

Our second year of festival fun brought a larger budget and a change in tech.  Inside the truss trees we housed DMX controlled LED pars that were triggered by infrared PIR triggers at four corners of the installation.  These could be linked in combination to allow for multiple lighting and sound patterns across the forest.  A soundscape played continuously across the entire forest with auditory triggers accompanying the lighting design.  At the center of “Lost” were two converged 8K laser projectors with interactive content on a 6ft X 6ft reactive dance floor.  All triggers, lighting and content were designed and programmed using touchdesigner, node-red, arduino, realsense, and ableton products.

Photos and Behind the Scenes


  • Lighting/Sound Design: Jimmy Hagan
  • Video Tech/Design: Derek Nickell

After years of trying to enter an exhibit to the Portland Winter Lights Festival, Jimmy Hagan and I were allowed to create an interactive visual and auditory experience dubbed, Inside | Out.  This project included two iPad beat machines that would trigger lighting patterns and effects across a matrix of RGB LED strips.  Also incorporated into the design was a live 8K Insta360 Pro video feed projection mapped to the outside of the dome.

Photos and Behind the Scenes